Writing unblocked

September 2, 2008

Oh thank gawd. I’m currently sitting in the Shop Formerly Known As Murky Coffee, drinking coffee and looking out a familiar window from a familiar corner. I knew life was going to be rough when Murky disappeared, but it’s been a long, noncreative summer since they went out of my life. Welcome, Peregrine Espresso, to the Eastern Market neighborhood. I’m loving the pretty green stripes on your walls, your friendly and nonviolent staff, and most of all the fact that you’re finally open. May your beans always be fresh, your cupcakes spongy, and your tax bill current.

I’m slowly migrating over here to wordpress from livejournal, my rant-filled home of more than 5 years. Before that there was deadjournal, and before that there was a college-hosted site, and before that there was geocities. It’s a long path stretching back to 1995, back to a first (don’t laugh) HTML experiment the details of which are vague but involve yellow colors and a starry background. I believe the words “continuity problems in ‘Star Wars'” may have been involved. The Internet and I have come a long way since then. 

I’m narrowing the focus here–the title isn’t subtle–to write about the things I read and the photos I take, two pastimes that make up the majority of the ways I spend my time. And movies. Oh yes, the movies. You know what you won’t find here? Whiny ravings. The old blog was full of them, and I’m sick of ’em. Well, except as they relate to books. And photos. And movies. 


Along with that, I’m working on the Book Project on Flickr. It’s got a whopping three entries so far. It’s a focus. It’s a project. It’s something to DO that will distract me from the rantings of which I’ve grown so tired. 

So… yeah. Hurrah!


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