September 11, 2008

I started reading Cory Doctorow’s “Little Brother” this week, and I want the world to stop so I can just finish it already and pronounce it the Greatest Book I’ve Read This Year, which I’m sure I’ll do if I can ever just find the time to finish it. Cory Doctorow, you are a god*.

And to do that, I need Google reader to stop updating with Jezebel entries, and for the weather to stop being so deliciously fall-like, and for it to be acceptable at my job for me to curl up under the desk with What Will Surely Be the Greatest Book I’ve Read This Year. I rode the five-minute escalator at Dupont Circle this morning so I’d have more time to read. I stood at the top so I could finish a chapter. I was annoyed that my dentist took me in right away instead of leaving me to read in the waiting room.

I decided to go to Silver Spring based entirely on the fact that it’s a 25-minute ride on the Metro. Twenty-five uninterrupted minutes to read! Yes!!

The one interruption I’ve allowed myself came last night, before I hit the groove. Back then, I was only a few dozen pages in and it was still OK to take a break, so I went to see “Hamlet 2” at E Street. I read until the lights went down, and I tried to keep reading by the light of the Stella Artois ad until the movie came on.

If you’re going to be turned away from What Was Already Well On Its Way To Becoming What Will Surely Be the Greatest Book I’ve Read This Year, there is no better distraction than “Hamlet 2.” “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus” is … well, it’s indescribable, actually. Especially since I’ve recently decided to make an effort to use fewer superlatives, based mostly on the fear that I rely on them so heavily that I’m losing the ability to communicate enthusiasm. (And with the fall movies coming up, I want to be able to competently communicate enthusiasm.) But if I were allowing myself to use words such as “amazing,” “awesome,” “freaking hilarious,” and “containing the best musical number in any movie in the last 10 years,” they’d all be applied to “Hamlet 2” in general and “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus” in particular. Steve Coogan, you, too, are a god.

*Though you are a god with typos in your book. Hey, I’m a copy editor. You’re a writer clearly in need of another set of eyes. I’d give you the special discount for awesomeness. Let’s talk.


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  1. buschap said

    I guess you should wait until January to read The Time-Traveler’s Wife, so you don’t have a hard choice to make.

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