October 8, 2008

A few days after writing this post, I finally got my hands on volume 1 of “DMZ.” Despite my affection for the local boys, Fantom Comics was sold out of the first book, and I finally had to haul my ass into Georgetown. Barnes & Noble’s online inventory promised they had it in stock, so when I found myself over that way for an eye appointment* last week I finally, finally had an excuse to go the extra few blocks and buy what turned out to be the Second Best Comic Book I’ve Read This Year.**

It was so good freaking awesome that I read it despite my eyes having just been dilated. I could barely see the sidewalk in front of me on the way to the store (including the cross-don’t cross signs at the intersections, sorry Power Suit Guy in the Lexus at Penn and 23rd), but once I finally had “DMZ” in my hands I couldn’t NOT read it, right? So I sat there for an afternoon partially blinded, feeling like Mr. Burns in the “X-Files” episode of “the Simpsons,” squinting and crinkling my nose (that helps!) but plowing through because it was every bit as good as I’d hoped.

Before this year, I’d always been a fan of the heavy hitters but never actually spent much time reading graphic novels. This year, with “Watchmen” and “Fables” and now “DMZ,” I’m kicking myself for not going there sooner.

On the way home from Georgetown, I stopped at Fantom Comics in Union Station because previous experience had already proven them to be well-stocked with Volume 2. A few nights ago I was up until 1:30 finishing it, despite the 7:30 a.m. start time the next day at work. I’m up to Volume 3 now, which I picked up from Politics and Prose this afternoon, still trying to atone for the karmic sin of not trusting the indie stores first. It’s the hump volume, because once I finish that one there will be more unread volumes than read ones.*** Suggestions for what to tackle next are welcome and encouraged. Seriously, please? I can see the withdrawal hitting in about two weeks right after I turn the last page of Volume 5.

*Blocked tear duct. I’m physically incapable of crying right now. Irony noted.

**I did read “Watchmen” for the first time earlier this year.

*** Volume 6 in January! Woo!


2 Responses to “Success!”

  1. buschap said

    I think you flipped “read” and “unread”, unless I’m being dense.

    And I’m rather shocked that you hadn’t read Watchmen before. I beat you to something for once.

    From Hell is on my shelf, taunting me, as is Black Dossier.

  2. lifewithgatsby said

    yeah, you’re right. I wrote that sentence three times because I found out halfway through that Volume 6 comes out in January.

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