American nerd(s)

October 26, 2008

Monday afternoon, I sat in Teaism finally finishing up the last stretch of Ben Nugent’s “American Nerd.” I don’t dislike it, which is about all I can say until I let some other thoughts sink in. Parts 2 and 3 definitely redeemed the sloppy thinking of Part 1 to the point where I want to mull over and respond to a book in a way I haven’t since bibliographies and citation manuals were part of my everyday life.

As I sat there reading a bit about awkward teen nerds at a creepy-adult-led anime conference, the awkward and loud teens behind me wrapped up their attempt to hate on affirmative action without sounding racist. They decided (loudly) they should come here more often. “Dude, we should start an anime club and meet here!” Girl says to Boy.

Awww. *

While I appreciate their unwitting involvement at acting out the chapter I was reading, I hope they postpone their regular meetings at my favorite restaurant at least until they’re old enough to flirt more subtly.

*Unfortunately, Boy doesn’t stand a chance with this girl based on what I heard. How cool is it that it was the girl dragging the boy into the dark den of anime? He knew precious little but was willing to follow her anywhere. In another era, she’d be in haute couture leading him into the opium den and he’d be dying with a smile on his face.


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