And then there’s this

October 26, 2008

A recorded-off-TV version of this took up a quarter of a homemade Halloween VHS tape in my childhood. It was second or third, and so to watch the rest of the tape I had to go through it. Every year, I sat down to get all Halloween-y, and every year this scared me like nothing since ever has. No movie, book or TV show I can imagine will ever have the same effect that this horrible cartoon had on me between the ages of 7 and 12.

I give you Garfield.

The trauma starts around the 3-minute mark.

Twenty years later, I’m realizing that the trauma also ends around the 4-minute mark. That’s it? Note to 7-year-old self: It’s ok, really. You’ll face worse things in life than 60 seconds of scary pirate animation.


One Response to “And then there’s this”

  1. buschap said

    I used to watch this every year. They haven’t shown it on TV in a while, and I keep forgetting to buy it on DVD.

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