November 12, 2008

The trailer for “2012” (Cusack alert!) concludes with a demand that viewers “Google search: 2012.” Being a fan of tabbed browsing and already watching two videos and reading to long-postponed articles, I did just that and opened up yet another tab to complete Roland Emmerich’s command.

It’s actually a pretty smart marketing technique. You’ve only got 30 seconds to sell your movie about the prophesied end of the world, so go ahead and spend that time showing off some kick-ass special effects and leave it up to teh Internets to fill in the gaps on the apocalyptic implications the movie’s trying to exploit. Right now, the search is turning up the Wikipedia entry, and a site called survive2012.com, both good primers as far as crazy Internet half-truths are concerned. They’re enough to egg on the endtimes-minded fanboys who would Fandango their movie tickets right now if only they didn’t believe the world was going to end before opening night.

What is most awesome about this the current fifth entry for the “2012” Google search, this headline: “US election: Palin contemplates presidential run in 2012.


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