Oh, you’re still here?

March 18, 2009

Hi, world.

In a development that should come as no surprise to anyone who’s met me, worked with me or otherwise dealt with me, this project has turned into the latest of a long list of neglected ideas and high aspirations that eventually crashed into the earth.

It’s the blog equivalent of a piece of space debris, shot up in some lofty ’70s-era NASA program as the pinncale of American engineering. It hung out up there for years, got old, eventually got replaced and then … floated. Floated in space and floated in the back of a retired mission controller’s mind as he drove to the golf course in a Houston suburb. “Now where did I put that thing,” he thinks as he screeches into the parking lot, driving like the shuttle pilot he never got to be. And then his Lexus is crushed under the weight of a piece of space debris hurtling back to earth.

Or, you know, something less fatalistic.


One Response to “Oh, you’re still here?”

  1. You could always post more pictures!

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